There are a lot reasons ‘Fox News’ should be disqualified from legitimate news in America. These are the most important.

Founded in 1996, “Fox News” is a brand name and as such has no obligation to dispense “news” any more than Apple is required to plant apple trees. As an autonomous business entity in a free market, they’re well within their right to gin up any idea they want and…

A Brief History of Mathematics

I’m no economist. I had to take algebra five times in high school. Five. That’s right. I failed four, separate, algebra classes. Then, in my senior year, I attended a night school class where, every Tuesday at 5PM, an apathetic instructor watched Wheel of Fortune on a television attached to…


We’ve invented creation myths. What happens when we discover creation facts?

Atheists annoy me. There’s nothing more unnecessarily boorish than listening to an atheist’s lukewarm take on existence and how it’s all meaningless. Because, they say, there is no evidence of god, god doesn’t exist, which automatically means all religions…

Michael Anthony Bradshaw

Emmy-nominated, CLIO & PromaxBDA-winner, TV/film #writer, #journalist, & #techno lover. Previously, @WSJ & @ThomsonReuters. Opinions my own. #blacklivesmatter

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